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RattleSnake Fire coverClick here to purchase this second edition book from me personally.

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I’m also happy to get you my book the old fashioned way.  Just send a check or money order for $23, and I’ll send you the second edition.  (Please email me at jean7eisenhower@gmail.com for details.)

A note about other online purchasing:

RattleSnake Fire book coverMy first edition is all I ever see online.  The cover has a rattlesnake superimposed over fire on black.

The first edition lacks a few corrections, the new preface, and a lot of additional art.

But since there are so many of us needing to save a few dollars, I’ll understand if you buy it elsewhere online.

However, I’d like to encourage everyone buying books to become familiar with http://addall.com – an important alternative to Amazon!  Many of us believe it is especially important that we not allow our independent information sources to be muscled out of existence by monstrous corporations.

Besides that  ideal, Amazon has made many enemies of many authors for cleverly stealing the rights to their books, then printing and selling them for less than the author’s own cost!  I have sold many books through Amazon, but have never seen an accounting or a single penny from all the books of mine that Amazon has sold.

Click here to buy my first edition used at Addall.com.

(Addall includes Amazon, so you can compare their price to everyone else’s and perhaps buy from another booksellers for less than or the same as Amazon!   Support Addall.com!  And spread the word!)

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