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Chapter 28: Heart & Home

RattleSnake Fire cover…In the next month I began to experience my heart as “congested” – the best word I could find – and for a month I described the varying sensations as resembling a brick in my chest, or a half-brick, or a sliver of a brick, et cetera.

…I visited my Naturopath, who asked me about stress in my life.  I was not happy to hear myself begin to tell her about, not only the child abuse, but also MKULTRA . I wished I could leave it behind and not risk people thinking me strange – or a paranoid, negative person.

…When I told my Naturopath, she was sympathetic to the child abuse, but unfamiliar with MKULTRA, which didn’t surprise me.  I knew fully well that I took a chance of being thought crazy or a conspiracy nut every time I told anyone about these issues, so I tell very few (in person).  It felt important, though, to educate this doctor.

After she asked questions and listened to my answers for about a half hour, she finally listened to my heart.

Registering disturbance on her face, she took off her stethoscope, listened in the room, walked to the door and opened it, listened in the hallway, then in the room again, and finally asked if I heard music.

When I said no, she listened to my heart again for a second, then removed the stethoscope and repeated some of her former actions with an increasing look of distress.

“Maybe it’s my implant, picking up a radio station,” I offered, making light of what I thought a real possibility, as implants are said to act as receivers and transponders.  If there was one put in my nose and another in my vagina, another one in my heart didn’t seem much of a stretch.

She looked at me seriously, but made no comment.  Not mentioning the music again, but seeming to listen distractedly, she said she could hear a swishy valve, and referred me to a cardiologist.

I didn’t feel like pressuring her, so never asked if the swishy sound was heard with music. Over the next few days, I wondered if whoever, aliens or government, might have put an implant in me might have overheard our discussion and whether they would, or had already, made an electronic correction in their implant, so that a cardiologist would never hear any music.

I’d never know, since the cardiologist was scheduled for many months out, and I’d soon effect my own cure….

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