“encouraging possibilities of expanded cosmic consciousness.”

RattleSnake Fire cover“points us to these encouraging possibilities… of expanded cosmic consciousness.”

– Ralph Metzner, Ph. D., psychologist and professor emeritus, California Institute of Integral Studies, author of Green Psychology and “Foreword” to RattleSnake Fire

“A tour de force …a monumental accomplishment… not only a work of great literature, but an important historical document… not to be missed!” 

– Alfred L. Webre, JD, Jimmy Carter White House appointee to develop an ET communications protocol, author of Exopolitics

“intellectual honesty… critical discernment… innate integrity….  I love your book!”

– James Gunn, psychotherapist, author of Encounters in the Therapeutic Process

“articulate and intelligent contribution to the collective conscious process of understanding oneself in four dimensions… enlightened compassion and saving humor.”

– Neil Freer, author of Breaking the Godspell and other books continuing the work of Zecharia Sitchin

“An inter-dimensional journey into consciousness….”

– Paola Harris, international UFO journalist, author of How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light?

“Truly an inspiration….  I predict this book will remain a classic long after many others have fallen by the wayside.”  

– Karyn Dolan, researcher, Through the Keyhole radio host

“a testimony to the resiliency of the mind….”

– Ramsay Raymond, MA, MHC

“an excellent memoir….  I encourage all people in the helping, healing professions and interests in current world events to read her book.”

– Eve Lorgen, author of The Love Bite

“The intensity…is moderated by confessions of uncertainty and slashes of humor.”

– John T. Lynn, III, MD

“I’ve been riveted by your story…. the government angle is SO disturbing…. so much wisdom….  I’m really blown away.”

– Art Goodtimes, poet, author of As if the World Really Mattered

4 thoughts on ““encouraging possibilities of expanded cosmic consciousness.”

  1. Jean,

    I hope you are well. You have mention that you you went through a “Shamanic Initiation”. In your book does it teach ways to connect and enter these doorways of initiation?

    • Thanks for your interest, Bruce. My book does not specifically teach that, no. There are many good books out there, though, and I’d recommend that each person choose on their own, using their own intuition for what’s right for them. One classic book is Michael Harner’s “The Way of the Shaman,” and another I found useful was Tom Cowan’s “Shamanism: As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life.” And I strongly urge readers to remember that this choice/work/practice is not a lark, but a very serious undertaking that exposes one to all the energies of the world, including those you must learn to protect yourself from, so learning perception, discernment, and protection must be taken very seriously. We can see the evil manifest on the material plane in war and torture, and those same energies are also un-manifest, invisible, and tricksters and liars. Of course, the most sublime energies are also there to be experienced, which is our goal. It’s a huge world, and must be approached with the utmost humility.

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